Saturday, April 23, 2011

Write Words Weekend

Kurt Vonnegut said - and I'm paraphrasing - that people love stories because they're filled with drama, passion, and extremes of emotion and experience.  And for the most part, life is not.  This, he said, is one reason that people create 'drama' where none exists.  They want their lives to be like stories.

I don't know if I completely agree with him, but there is no question that as writers we're often looking for the 'hook' that turns a simple narrative into a captivating story.

So this week, our Write Words are all about Story for Story's Sake.  If these words don't connect with something out of your real life experiences, then take a stab at some creative writing. 

After more than ten years as a writer of narrative non-fiction, I began writing a fiction novel.  It has taken me more than a year to get through the first draft, but I haven't had this much fun writing in a long time.

Explore a new kind of writing this week.  Really stir up the waters of that memory well, or tap into a different well altogether.  If you normally write personal essays, try Fantasy.  If you're most comfortable with introspective observations, go for something funny.  Accustomed to journalistic reporting?  Try your hand at poetry. 

Just get creative!  Tell us a story! 


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