Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just What is Professional Copywriting, Anyway?

Look through your mail.  Peruse a newspaper ad.  Read the latest updates on your favorite web site.  Ever wonder where all those words came from? 

It's likely they were written by a professional copywriter. 

Copywriters are writers who often work behind the scenes, providing the written content for everything from professional web sites to non-profit fundraising literature.

The word "copywrite" is different from "copyright;" the first has to do with actual writing, the second is about retaining the 'rights' to a given work.

So how can a copywriter help you?

Let's say you're a home builder, and a really good one at that.  You want potential home buyers or real estate developers to know about you, but while you're a master craftsman when it comes to construction, your expertise doesn't necessarily extend to creative writing.

That's where the professional copywriter comes in.  A copywriter can put together promotional literature, add content to your web site, communicate with clients - essentially add the "tell" to your "show."

Suddenly everyone knows where to find a fantastic home builder.  You're getting contract after contract!  Your name is becoming, quite literally, a household word! 

And a copywriter helped make that happen.  How?  She told them all about you!

I can't build houses.  I can't bake gourmet cupcakes.  I can't pour concrete, or landscape a golf course, or run an interior design firm.

But I can write about all of them! 

And as a professional copywriter, that's exactly what I do. 

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